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Our most popular all-weather car cover is the go-to for vintage car enthusiasts to new car owners. This premium vehicle cover features 5-layers of protection to provide superior defense against the elements while being smooth against your paint finish.
$186.99 Sale
was $339.99 save $153.00 (45% off)
Our Custom-Fit Form-Fit® Car Covers are going to be our most LUXURIOUS indoor custom car cover designed to fit snug, look amazing, and pamper your vehicles finish. Not only will they hug the curves of your vehicle perfectly they offer superior ding protection.
$334.39 Sale
was $607.99 save $273.60 (45% off)
Weather the storm with Covercraft WeatherShield HP Car Covers. Our WeatherShield HP is one of our most popular all-weather high-performance fabrics designed for dramatic water dispersion while still being breathable and super light-weight. Moisture will simply bead off and can be shaken off which allows for a superior dry time compared to other fabrics. These covers will fit perfectly, provide a silky smooth finish, and look amazing!
$347.59 Sale
was $631.99 save $284.40 (45% off)
For decades people have been layering themselves with Carhartt® for the rugged durability and style they offer. Now with a Covercraft exclusive, you can outfit your truck or SUV with our Carhartt® Work Truck Covers. These iconic looking Car Covers feature the classic Carhartt® colors, branding, logos, and performance you have come to appreciate, showcasing the iconic Carhartt® logos on the sides and tailgate or rear area of your vehicle.
$334.17 Sale
was $433.99 save $99.82 (23% off)
Our best fitting custom car cover for protection or storage in moderate weather conditions. Protect your vehicle with our popular moderate climate car covers. This car cover fabric features 3-layers of protection to provide much-needed defense against the elements and is even specially treated with extra UV resistance.
$151.79 Sale
was $275.99 save $124.20 (45% off)
Our most popular indoor multi-layer car cover is back with a new fabric construction! Protect your vehicle with our premium dust-top car cover. This car cover fabric features 5-layers of protection to provide the best defense against dust particles while being smooth against your paint finish.
$207.89 Sale
was $377.99 save $170.10 (45% off)
Developed primarily for intense sun environments and long-term storage, WeatherShield® HD custom car cover uses heavier denier thread for maximum UV opacity. Approximately 40% heavier than WeatherShield HP, the 300 denier fiber construction results in almost double the tear and tensile strength, finished with the same great EPIC by Nextec encapsulation process.
$459.79 Sale
was $835.99 save $376.20 (45% off)
Our Polycotton Vehicle Covers are ideal for the classic enthusiast that just wants basic indoor protection with no bells or whistles. Polycotton is a soft polyester cotton blend that feels and acts like a basic dress shirt. Wouldn't want to leave your vehicle parked outside with this cover, but will help keep your vehicle protected from prying eyes while still being super breathable to allow any moisture or fumes to escape.
$155.09 Sale
was $281.99 save $126.90 (45% off)
Custom-Fit Reflectect Car Covers provide great all-weather protection but are ideal for sunny climates. The reflective nature helps protect your vehicles finish from harmful UV rays while also keeping your vehicle cooler.
$186.99 Sale
was $339.99 save $153.00 (45% off)
A custom-fit car cover made for durable outdoor protection with high-performance fabric at a moderate price you will love. Developed from the need for a cover that would retain its color and strength in extended outdoor exposure, while providing a high degree of water resistance and UV protection at a reasonable price.
$260.69 Sale
was $473.99 save $213.30 (45% off)
Custom Sunbrella Car Covers are best for intense sun environments. If you park your vehicle outside in Arizona, New Mexico, California, or other areas near the sunbelt where UV rays are intense this is the custom car cover for you. The harsh UV rays in these areas will rapidly degrade your vehicle's exterior and interior finish if not protected properly.
$476.29 Sale
was $968.99 save $492.70 (51% off)
Traditional automotive enthusiasts just love a good basic vehicle cover with a soft touch for the vehicle finish. These custom car covers provide superior breathability and ding protection with basic dust protection for indoor use.
$285.99 Sale
was $519.99 save $234.00 (45% off)