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ComfySheep Driving Comfort

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Are you tired of suffering through the winter with cold leather seats that make you shiver every time you get in your car? What about in the summertime when your seats are so hot, you can hardly sit on them, not to mention the sticking factor. Sheepskin seat cover inserts are the answer to your too hot, too cold car seat dilemma. The auto seat sheepskin insert is made of genuine, high-quality sheepskin. These sheepskin seat cover inserts fit snuggly down the middle of any automobile car seat. The best part is they look classy and luxurious, all while keeping you comfortable. They also do a great job protecting the high-traffic panel of your middle seat, which is prone to wear and tear.
$139.99 Sale
was $174.99 save $35.00 (20% off)
Made from 100% Genuine Merino Sheepskin Wool and tailored to fit your exact factory seats. Not only do these custom sheepskin seat covers look amazing, but they feel amazing as well. These are seat covers you will just want to curl up in as they are plush and soft-to-the-touch. With roughly a 1-inch thick natural pile with a combination of dense to medium-dense comfort these covers offer amazing cushion and support that will transform your daily drive into a luxury drive.
$367.99 Sale
was $459.99 save $92.00 (20% off)
Upgrade the way you drive with our ultra-soft Custom Fleece Seat Covers. This is the perfect alternative to natural sheepskin. Made with premium synthetic fibers to give these covers a super plush feel for a truly cozy ride.
$279.99 Sale
was $349.99 save $70.00 (20% off)
Our Ready-Fit Sheepskin Seat Covers are made to fit standard bucket seats. You get the comfort of plush natural sheepskin without the high cost of a tailored seat cover. Each cover is made with genuine merino sheepskin wool. Not only do you get roughly an inch of padded comfort, but natural fibers allow air to properly circulate keeping your seats the perfect temperature season-to-season.
$195.99 Sale
was $244.99 save $49.00 (20% off)
Our sheepskin wash mitt is the answer when looking for an effective, yet gentle way to wash your car. Made of genuine Australian sheepskin, this is the perfect mitt to use when washing or polishing your car. Sheepskin is naturally absorbent so it can also be used when your car is dry to dust off dirt and debris.
CovercraftSheepskin Wash Mitt
Universal Fit
$43.99 Sale
was $54.99 save $11.00 (20% off)
Imagine those cold winter days when you have to get in your car and wait for it to warm up. Now with a sheepskin steering wheel cover your hands can stay warm while you wait for the rest of your car to catch up. Comfysheep sells a comfy steering wheel cover for any kind of vehicle you may drive.
CovercraftSheepskin Steering Wheel Cover
Universal Fit
$39.99 Sale
was $49.99 save $10.00 (20% off)
Got a long trip ahead of you? Why not travel in comfort and style with Comfy Sheep's sheepskin seat pad. Made of genuine Merino sheepskin, this sheepskin seat pad is perfect for wherever you plan to be sitting - the car, the plane or even at your desk.
CovercraftSheepskin Bucket Seat Pad
Universal Fit
$99.99 Sale
was $124.99 save $25.00 (20% off)
Seat-belt's while super important for vehicle safety, just are not that comfortable pressed against you especially if against skin. Let us help improve your driving comfort with an ultra-soft sheepskin seat belt cover that will never scold you. Must have soft-to-the-touch comfort for your shoulder or neck.
CovercraftSheepskin Seat Belt Cover
Universal Fit
$37.59 Sale
was $46.99 save $9.40 (20% off)
After a long day or during a long drive you really just want to rest your head on something soft. Our headrest pillow is designed to attach to your adjustable headrest to provide the much needed comfort you need.
CovercraftSheepskin Headrest Travel Pillow
Universal Fit
$67.99 Sale
was $84.99 save $17.00 (20% off)