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Porsche 944

Dash Covers

Porsche 944 Dash Covers

Dashboards are one of the first things to fade, crack, or deteriorate in your vehicle which is always a surprise to most as you hardly touch them. The reason is your windshield harnesses a ton of direct sunlight and UV rays right on top of your dash which causes the rapid decay and weakness. At Covercraft we custom-make the best fitting and the original DashMats designed to protect your dash while adding a fresh style to your vehicle.
What is the benefit of a DashMat?
  1. Protects your dash from fading, cracking, or deteriorating
  2. Helps reduce the heat build up in your vehicle as they defuse heat
  3. Darker colors can even help reduce light glare by absorbing light
  4. Prevents plastic around speakers from cracking protecting your electronics
  5. Helps protect the value of your vehicle
  6. Perfect for adding a fresh look and style to your vehicle
How to Choose The Right DashMat?
Each of our DashMats is designed to protect your dashboard without obstructing sound from your speakers and cut to fit your exact dashboard. For the most part, it comes down to personal preference though we do have some recommendations.
  • Carpet DashMat - Our most popular all-around dash cover
  • SuedeMat - Perfect for adding a touch of luxury and refinement to your vehicle
  • VelourMat - Perfect for adding an elegant touch
  • LTD Edition DashMat - Perfect for a modern look
  • UltiMat - The ultimate dash cover that gets molded for a seamless fit. Only available in select vehicles right now, but the best by far in our opinion.
Dash Cover FAQ's
Q: What is a dash sensor?
A: A Dash sensor is a sensor located at the base of your windshield usually in the form of a dimple or bubble. The sensor often gets used for your auto-headlights so they know when to turn on or off. Some vehicles have an option with a sensor or without. If you have a sensor the last thing we want to do is obstruct a feature in your vehicle so we use a pattern that has a cut out specific to that sensor.

Q: Will a DashMat muffle the sound in my car?
A: No our DashMats are specially made to allow sound to flow through without obstruction.

Q: Will a dash cover prevent sun glare?
A: Some dashboards just seem to reflect more light than others. If you have a problem with high glare we recommend our Carpet DashMats or Carpet UltiMat in a dark color like black or charcoal. By going with a carpet in a darker color it will absorb the light instead of reflecting it.

Q: Is a Molded DashMat a better fit?
A: All of our DashMats are custom-fit, however our UltiMats are a molded fit which is as good as it gets. On our other dashmats, we have a pattern we custom stitch together to cover every curve and angle while on a Ultimat we use a mold of your dash to make a soft-molded seamless dash cover.

Q: Do dash covers have vent cutouts?
A: Yes we will have all vents cut out so that your A/C or Heat are never obstructed.

Q: Are speakers cutout on DashMats?
A: Not normally. DashMats are designed to lay over top of speakers to protect the plastic from cracking. The unique design of our materials allows sound to flow through without obstruction though. The only time we cut out speakers is if you have a raised speaker.
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