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Jaguar F-Type

Comfysheep Seat Covers

Jaguar F-Type Seat Covers

The Finest Jaguar Sheepskin Seat Covers are by Comfy Sheepskin

Comfy Sheepskin Seat Cover Testimonial Reviews

Each ComfySheep tailored sheepskin seat cover is hand-crafted in the USA to fit your Jaguar perfectly. We use only the finest Australian Merino Sheepskin wool. Merino wool is well renowned for being extremely dense yet super soft. The beauty of a denser wool is that it does not "pack-down" and is a better choice for sheepskin seat covers where the body exerts a lot of downward pressure for long periods of time. The dense fibers help cradle your body, allowing you to quickly and easily relieve pressure points for maximum comfort while driving or sitting.

Also Known As

  • Comfy Sheep Car Seat Covers
  • Wool Car Seat Covers
  • Fur Car Seat Covers
  • Fuzzy Car Seat Covers
  • Shear Comfort Car Seat Covers
  • Cozy Car Seat Covers
  • Snuggle Car Seat Covers
  • Fluffy Car Seat Covers
  • Ultimate Sheepskin Car Seat Covers
  • The Best Plush Car Seat Covers

While our sheepskin car seat covers are known by many names, the quality our expert artisans use when crafting tailored sheepskin seat covers is unmatched. The skill needed to tailor sheepskin seat covers is not acquired in years, but decades of experience.

2001 Jaguar XKR Silverstone Sheepskin Seat Cover. Well made and look super. A little tough to install, but at 70 my wife and I did it!

All-Season Comfort Your Vehicle Needs

Our Merino Wool Sheepskin is an AMAZING natural insulator. This means that your Jaguar seats will feel Warm in the Winter and Cool in the Summer! Natural sheepskin, in combination with the dense fibers and hollow fibers, allows air to flow between you and your seat, creating a natural insulating effect that will keep you at a comfortable temperature regardless of the weather outside. Our sheepskin seat covers will feel refreshing on a hot summer day yet warm and cuddly on a freezing winter day.

Do Sheepskin Seat Covers Work With Heated and Cooled Seats?

Yes! If you have heated seats or cooled seats these will work beautifully with your factory seat climate features.

Tailor-Made Sheepskin Seat Covers vs. Ready-Fit Sheepskin Seat Covers

For many vehicles we offer two versions of genuine sheepskin seat covers. Our Tailor-made sheepskin seat covers are sewn in the USA and tailored to your exact vehicle seats once ordered. This means that they hug the contours of your seats while featuring all cutouts for electronics, levers, and seat air bags. We tailor these to fit a wide range of bucket seats and bench seat styles specific to your exact Year/Make/Model Jaguar.

Our Ready-Fit Sheepskin Seat Covers are often referred to as "semi-custom" sheepskin seat covers. These are typically pre-made to fit a variety of bucket style seats. These won't fit sport seats with large bolsters and only fit bucket seats with removable headrests. If you have molded headrests, unique shaped bucket seats, captain chairs, or bench style seats you will want a tailor-made sheepskin seat cover. However, If you have bucket seats, you can get the exact same comfort and fit made with genuine merino sheepskin at a fraction of the price.

Will Sheepskin Seat Covers Shed?

No! Our premium sheepskin seat cover wool does not shed. This is because it's attached to the leather hide naturally instead of being woven and then brushed up like a wool pile fabric. Our natural Merino fleece is embedded into the leather which helps it naturally resist snags, tears, wrinkles, soiling, and piling. The durable leather hide also creates a protective layer over your Jaguar seats which will stop all dust, dirt, and spills from staining your original upholstery. Our luxurious sheepskin seat covers with a one-inch nap of plush sheepskin and durable construction have been known to last 10-15 years on the same vehicle.

Are Synthetic Sheepskin Seat Covers Good?

While these Premium Fleece Seat Covers may look and feel like Sheepskin, they are actually high-quality faux sheepskin seat covers. However, since this fabric is more economical than real sheepskin and is so easy to clean, these imitation sheepskin seat covers are ideal for customers who want the luxury look and feel of sheepskin, without the higher price tag. This blend of acrylic and wool create a luxury faux sheepskin fabric that does not shed and looks great in any vehicle. The dense fabric will still provide amazing comfort and relieve pressure point discomfort while driving. Natural sheepskin, though, will be superior when it comes to all-climate comfort and long lasting wear.

Note: The photos seen on our web site are representations of our ComfySheep Seat Covers, materials, and colors we offer. We cannot guarantee all designs will appear the exact same as seen in the photo. Color variations are possible both from how monitors display differently as well as how well the fibers took the color. While we offer our Comfy Sheepskin Seat Covers as single seat or rows we recommend always buying a complete row together as each plate can vary in texture, part direction, and more. When ordering your row at the same time we make sure we match the sheepskin to ensure a perfect fit, color, texture, and experience. The differences are typically are subtle, but for the extra meticulous it is best to order complete sets together.

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