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UVS100 Custom Sunscreen

The ultimate sun shade made for your exact windshield keeps your vehicle cooler and protected while looking sleek and folding up compact when not in use!
Vehicle Specific
Starting at $61.20

Carhartt UVS100 Custom Sunscreen

Rugged performance your Truck or SUV needs! Keep your vehicle cool & protected with sun shades made for your exact windshield.
Vehicle Specific
Starting at $68.40

UVS100 Premier Series Custom Sunscreen

UVS100 heat protection paired with premium bindings, stylized designs, and a free storage bag.
Vehicle Specific
Starting at $83

Flex Shade UV Windshield Sunscreen

Beat the heat with our ultra flexible roll-up sunshade made for your exact windshield.
Vehicle Specific
Starting at $51
BMW 2002 Models:

BMW 2002 Sunscreens

Keeping your vehicle cool has never been so easy. Each of of sun shades are custom-made for a perfect fit with powerful insulation technology. We use innovative techniques to reflect heat while using an insulating core to absorb and diffuse surface heat. Our innovative heat reduction techniques paired with our custom-fit patterns create custom-fit sun shades that reflect, block, and absorb more heat than any others.

What is the difference between a UVS100 SunScreen and a Flex Shade?
Our UVS100 SunScreen is our best and most popular sunshade. We have this shade available in popular colors like Silver, Blue Metallic, Gold, Green Ice, or Rose while also available in limited edition versions like Carhartt Brown, Covers For Causes Pink and even Ford Logo Options. The UVS100 is a fold out accordion shade with a triple laminate construction to provide the best insulation possible.

Our Flex Shade is a roll-up silver sun shade. The innovative heat reduction technology in the soft foam core always these to reduce heat while staying flexible. These can block out a little more light than our UVS100 as the flexible nature means a smaller gap around the rear view mirror. The Flex Shade is ideal for compact cars or regular cab trucks where space is limited.

Why use a Sunscreen in your car?

Sometimes called heat shields, sun shields or UV shields, sunscreens are useful at the beach, work, airport or anywhere you park. Not only are they effective at blocking out harmful UV rays, they can significantly reduce the amount of heat build up inside your car, truck or SUV by reflecting the direct sunlight away from the vehicle. This means that your vehicle is more comfortable to get into on a hot day and reduces the chances of the inside surfaces being too hot to touch. Another benefit to using a sunscreen is that when the interior of your vehicle is cooler, your air conditioning system does not have to work as hard to reduce the heat. Browse through all of our different sunscreen options available for just about any vehicle on the road.

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