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Audi A8 Models:

Audi A8 Front End Covers

The Worlds Best Front End Covers Are Made by Covercraft

Covercraft Front End Covers

Shield your vehicle's front-end from road wear, with a premium, custom car bra. Covercraft's car bras are custom crafted specifically for your vehicle. Designed to fit the contours of your car while providing maximum coverage, these front-end covers are stylish and offer the ultimate in protection. Originally developed in Germany for track testing vehicles off the production line, masks have long been considered a necessity for any car owner wanting to protect the area of the car, that takes the most abuse on the road - the front end, especially the leading edge of the hood and any painted areas around the grille. Often called bras, these protective products are custom fitted and offer an inexpensive, effective and attractive way to keep the front of your vehicle looking new.

Colgan Vs. Lebra: Both options provide a superior fit, exact cut-outs for lights, and a bold look. The big difference is Colgan will have extra padding to provide maximum ding protection.  

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