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American Motors Eagle Models:

American Motors Eagle Car Covers

One of the most important purchases you can make for your vehicle is a vehicle cover. They help keep your vehicle looking in tip-top shape so you get top dollar when you sell it and just looks great when you are ready to drive. At Covercraft we have been crafting Custom Car Covers since 1965, which makes us not only an expert but the leader in vehicle covers.

Being the car cover leader means that we do have a lot of vehicle cover options, but don't let that be overwhelming. We have comparison guides that will help you find the perfect car cover for your car, truck, SUV, wagon, etc... If you still have trouble don't hesitate to call us or use the live chat feature when available. We are the experts and can answer any questions you have.

What's The Difference Between Ready-Fit & Custom Car Covers:
  1. Wolf Ready-Fit Covers are going to be a great entry level car cover. They are designed to fit specific styles of vehicles vs. being custom to every curve of your exact vehicle.
  2. Custom car covers are available in every fabric option.
  3. Even if you have modified your vehicle we can still custom tailor a vehicle cover to fit your exact vehicle including front-end guards, rear wings, lift kits, and so on where Ready-Fit doesn't have that option. For modified vehicles, we have dim sheets we can have you fill out that will help us craft your cover for any modified after-market changes.
  4. Custom vehicle covers can fit any vehicle from any era where Wolf-Ready Fit are just select vehicles.
  5. Custom covers take longer to make as each one gets made to order where ready-fit are made in large batches for faster shipping
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