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What Is The Best Covercraft SeatSaver

The main difference between each SeatSaver seat covers is the fabric used. The fit to your vehicle will be the same regardless of the fabric and will include the same features easy/off design, machine washable, and all applicable covers for that row.

  1. Carhartt SeatSavers - Are a fan favorite for those that love the Carhartt brand and lifestyle. Just like the clothing these seat covers provide rugged performance with a highly water-resistant fabric. Available in the classic Carhartt Brown and Carhartt Gravel in the iconic Duck Weave material and also in Carhartt Black in our toughest CORDURA® material. Honestly if you work hard, play hard, and love Carhartt these are the custom seat covers for you.

    We do have a new premium Carhartt version also that is foam-backed for comfort and a tighter fit. For the Ultimate PrecisionFit Carhartt Seat Cover - Click Here

  2. Polycotton SeatSavers - Our original SeatSaver is still our tried-and-true favorite for work trucks. The heavy-duty polycotton fabric is specially designed to resist tears, repel most spills, and is breathable which is super important for those that work in the heat.

How SeatSavers Can Help with Your COVID-19 Concerns

We all rely on our vehicles to get us to work, school, grocery store, and more. However, while we all try to limit our contact it’s possible that you will get sick or have to transport a loved one who is sick and the coronavirus can live on surfaces like your factory seats for an extended time. While it can be difficult to clean your factory seats our Custom SeatSavers can be taken off with ease and tossed in the washer and dryer. Once cleaned they can be installed in minutes.

Additional information and guidelines are available at, or your local health department website. We encourage our customers to visit these sites to learn how we can all work together to address this health emergency.

SeatSavers Perfect For Date Night

Why Businesses Love Covercraft SeatSavers

  • Rideshare and taxi vehicles - Uber, Lyft, and Taxi drivers see lots of passengers and need a quick way to keep the ride safe and clean while still being presentable.
  • Restaurant and food delivery services - With the rapid increase of social isolation and hectic lives the food delivery drivers are using personal vehicles to deliver meals, groceries, and supplies that can leak or spill in transit. They need reliable seat covers that can keep the interior seats protected from accidents
  • Medical professionals - Nurses and doctors are around patients all day and have taken extra steps to keep themselves and their loved ones safe at all times. Especially with COVID-19 on the rise medical professionals are regularly washing the seats to reduce the spread.
  • Landscapers, Builders, and Contractors - These are dirty jobs with crews that are rough on seats. SeatSavers are durable enough for the abuse and washable for when the dirt comes inside the vehicle
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