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PrecisionFit by Covercraft

PrecisionFit Seat Covers Factory Direct

For starts, as a designer, I had my misgivings about seat covers. Perception vs Reality. For those who might fall into this category, I can say that I am totally pleased with the product I purchased from you. Not a single… but what if? Got exactly what I wanted and needed. Thank you.

PrecisionFit Seat Covers for Cars, Crossovers, SUV's, Trucks, & Wagons

Our best fitting seat covers are our PrecisionFit line which fit your seats like a second skin. Each seat cover is made superior craftsmanship and tailored to fit your exact seats. We meticulously craft the seat covers to fit every curve, control, lever, and even seat airbag.

Why PrecisionFit Seat Covers:

  1. Perfectly tailored for a perfect fit
  2. Seat airbag safe with unique hidden-tear-away
  3. Foam-backed for added comfort & snug fit
  4. Exact cutouts for controls & levers
  5. Rear storage pocket
  6. Full seat coverage front & back
  7. All headrests, armrests, and console* covers included
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PrecisionFit Seat Cover FAQ's

Are PrecisionFit Seat Covers Waterproof?

Our Endura Nylon Seat Covers fabric is virtually waterproof and moisture will bead up, but fluids could still flow into the seams or under the seat if not cleaned up. Our Carhartt PrecisionFit Seat Covers are highly water resistant.

Will my Seat Heater Work Still?

Yes! You are safe to use our seat covers with your vehicle seat heater and they will not stop you from letting you enjoy the warm comfort you love.

Absolutely love my purchase. Fit great. Heated seats work great.

How Do I know Which Seat Cover Style Fits My Vehicle?

When you go to the product page and enter your Year/Make/Model details we will ask some questions on sub-model and body style to help narrow down the selection. Then we show you seat diagrams to help you match your exact seat cover up. Seats do come in a lot of styles depending on features in your vehicle, but if you have questions don't hesitate to call us, we can help walk you through the process and find your exact seat covers.

Are PrecisionFit Seat Covers Durable?

Yes, especially our Carhartt PrecisionFit & Our Endura Nylon. Both of these seat covers are perfect for Work trucks that are known for taking abuse from tools, dirt, dogs, and just general wear-and-tear. If you want durability, you won't find a better fitting more durable set of seat covers out there.

How to Clean PrecisionFit Seat Covers?

For additional details on how to clean your specific fabric review our Care Instruction Guide here.  

 * Note: A console cover is included with most seat styles. However, some patterns may not include a console cover. Don't hesitate to call to confirm if your specific pattern includes.

Custom Car Seat Cover Protection for New or Old Vehicles

A quality set of custom seat covers can protect your resale value when you are ready to upgrade your vehicle. However, our PrecisionFit Seat Covers can also add new life to worn out seats that didn't get protected early enough.

Before and After PrecisionFit Seat Covers

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