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Carhartt® Seat Covers Are Custom-Fit For Trucks & SUV's

Give your Truck or SUV the protection and style they need with Carhartt® Seat Covers. Don't let the good looks fool you. These seat covers are tough as nails with heavy-duty, firm-hand Carhartt duck weave fabric and triple stitched main seams. Custom patterned for a perfect fit. Available for front, middle and rear rows. Check out some of the amazing features below.

Carhartt Solid Color Seat Covers Feature CalloutCarhartt Mossy Oak Feature Callouts

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Carhartt® Seat Cover FAQ's

What is the Difference Between Carhartt® PrecisionFit Seat Covers & Carhartt® Traditional Fit Seat Covers?

Both seat covers provide the amazing rugged durability you expect from Carhartt®. The big difference is the ones by PrecisionFit are going to be designed for a snug-fit with a foam-backing for the ultimate comfort. Our Carhartt® Traditional Fit Seat Covers are going to be designed to fit great while being easy on/off seat covers.

Will Carhartt® Seat Covers Fit My Vehicle?

Our Carhartt® Seat Covers are custom-patterned for a perfect fit. Enter your Year/Make/Model details and you should see all patterns available for your vehicle. If you don't see a pattern feel to contact our pattern team and see if we have a pattern that isn't on the website yet.

Can Carhartt® Seat Covers be used with heated Seats?

Yes, our Carhartt® Seat Covers can be used with heated seats. If you don't have heated seats already we also have SeatHeater Kits that can be added underneath your seats easily before you install your seats. 

Are Carhartt® Seat Covers seat airbag safe?

Yes, our Carhartt® Seat Covers are airbag safe. If your vehicle has seat airbags there will be slits in the seats to accommodate your seat airbags

Do Carhartt® Seat Covers cover the entire back-side of the seat?

Yes, our Carhartt® Seat Covers not only cover the entire backside of the seat on front seat covers we also have rear map pockets built-in so that you don't lose any much-needed storage space.

Do Carhartt® Seat Covers cover armrests, console covers, and headrests?

Since each Carhartt® Seat Cover is custom-patterned if your factory seats have armrests, console covers, or headrests your Carhartt® Seat Covers will also have covers for them.


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