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Great product. This is my second one since the old one is 5 years old with some rips but it held up well. this is a durable product in all kinds of weather. Covercraft is a great company to deal with.

Why ADCO Travel Trailer Covers

ADCO is the #1 selling RV Cover brand with decades of experience understanding the needs of fellow RV enthusiasts. When you want an RV Cover for your Travel Trailer RV that is made to last and hold up to the rigorous needs of keeping your RV protected from the elements you want ADCO by Covercraft. Our ADCO RV Covers have also been voted year-after-year as the best by real RV owners.

2020 Motorhome Readers Choice Gold Award2020 Trailer Life Readers Choice Gold Award2021 RV Magazine Readers Choice Gold Award

Choosing The Right RV Trailer Cover

We have three popular options depending on where you plan to park your RV though all of our Designer Series Covers have superior water resistance and breathability. For All-weather protection designed with resistance to high rain, snow, wind, sun, heat, and cold you want our Designer Series Olefin HD Covers. These trailer covers feature an ultra-reflective Olefin HD roof and can keep your RV cool and protected from the elements.

If you don't park in an area with the intense sun beating down on your trailer you should consider our SFS Aqua Shed Covers. These covers are perfect for the Northern states, moderate temperature areas, or even indoor use. These covers are still perfect for rain, snow, and wind.

If you are looking for an entry-level Travel Trailer Cover that is more economical we have our Wolf Ready-Fit Trailer Covers. These are perfect for indoor or mild outdoor use. If you live in an area that is pretty well-tempered or park your Trailer under a carport this RV cover would be perfect for you. 

Both of the Designer Series materials have features you need in your Travel Trailer RV Covers. Each cover utilizes a triple-layer design to provide maximum resistance from the elements. We understand that you don't want to remove a cover to access your trailer so we have built-in zipper entry doors to allow easy access. Then we know you don't want to ruin your paint from the wind and have developed innovative cinching straps that snug your RV cover tight from the ends as well as top-to-bottom.

Though these covers are universal we carry sizes to fit any Travel Trailer RV from under 15-foot all the way up to 37-foot trailers. Our Trailer Covers are made to hug the curves of your RV while also having reinforced edges to ensure they hold up to being installed and removed over and over.

ADCO RV Cover Fabric Map

Water Resistant RV Covers vs. Waterproof RV Covers

Since 1955 we have been crafting the best RV Covers and one of the most popular questions we get asked "is your RV cover waterproof?". While a waterproof cover sounds great trust us you don't want that. A waterproof cover would prevent moisture from escaping causing mildew, mold, and rust. Instead, we make our covers highly water-resistant so that water beads off and they have vents built into each Travel Trailer Cover to allow moisture to rapidly escape.

How To Measure Your Travel Trailer

Measure your Travel Trailer from the longest two points to determine proper fit, including bumpers, spare tire, and ladder - but excluding the hitch. ADCO Covers are designed to fit all common vehicle heights, however, we recommend double-checking by taking the measurement of the vehicle sidewall height, excluding ground clearance. Cover is designed to accommodate rooftop accessories so no need to account for A/C's, vents, etc... when checking on height.

How To Measure Your Travel Trailer

7 BIG Reasons To Buy a Quality RV Cover

  1. Reduce costly environmental damage to the rubber roof, seals, tires, windows, fiberglass and electronics
  2. Reduce the number of washings required
  3. Lower interior temperatures during storage
  4. Keep the trailer showroom fresh
  5. Keep the trailer ready for the next big adventure
  6. Breathable covers allow air circulation to avoid mold & mildew build-up
  7. Prevent costly repairs like replacing a rubber roof costs $3,000 - $8,000 on Average (😨 $300 per linear foot)
Spend roughly $10 per month over the life of the RV Cover to save thousands later fixing your trailer
— Since 1965 —