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ADCO Custom RV Covers by Covercraft

Each of our Custom RV Covers is custom tailored to your exact RV Year/Make/Model. This means you get an RV Cover designed to hug the curves of your exact Recreational Vehicle Style. In many cases we already have a custom motorhome cover patterned for your RV. However, at times we may need to confirm some additional details and may ask for some dimensions to ensure we design the Custom RV Cover perfectly.

Is a Custom RV Cover The Best Option

If you plan to own your RV for more than a few years, you will save time and money in the long run by investing in a Custom-fit RV Cover. They come with longer warranties than Universal-fit options, fit better and look amazing. Spend a few extra dollars and it will go a long way in protecting your motorhome investment.

5 Reasons You Want a Custom RV Cover

  1. Tailored Fit Simply Looks Better
  2. Tighter Fit Means Less Wind Billowing Which Could Harm Your RV
  3. Reduces Need for Washing, Waxing, and Roof Treatments
  4. Provides Superior Protection & Keeps Roof Clean Reducing Unsightly Black Streaks From Forming on Sides of RVs
  5. Longer Warranties For Long Lasting Use In All Climates

Do Custom Motorhome Covers Come With Door Panels

Yes each of our custom RV Covers comes with one entry door to the main living quarters. We are able to add additional doors if you want multiple access points like for a toy hauler rear opening or another entrance.

Why Custom RV Covers by ADCO

What Types of RVs Can a Custom RV Cover Be Made For?

We can make a Custom RV Cover for virtually any motorhome or trailer in any size; so from the smallest mini camper to the largest bus we can design a Custom RV Cover to protect your motorhome. The pricing for Custom RV Covers is simple as it's only driven by the fabric choice and linear length. Custom Olefin HD RV Covers run $28.99 per linear foot and Custom Sunbrella RV Covers run $38.99 per linear foot.

  • Class A Motorhome
  • Van Camper (Class B)
  • Class C (Mini-Motorhome)
  • 5th Wheel Trailer
  • 5th Wheel Toy Hauler
  • Travel Trailer
  • Pop-Up Trailer (Folding Camper Trailer)
  • Truck Camper
  • Toy Hauler
  • Horse Trailer
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