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ADCO Winnebago 5th Wheel RV Cover

ADCOWinnebago 5th Wheel RV Cover

Was $469.99
Same Day Shipping

Was $469.99
Same Day Shipping

Official Winnebago 5th Wheel Trailer all-weather protection. Coverage for sizes 23' - 37'
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Key Features & Benefits

  • Official Winnebago 5th Wheel Trailer Cover
  • All-Weather Protection
  • Multi-Layer Top Panel & Sides
  • 100% Breathable to Prevent Mold & Mildew
  • Slip-Seam Strap System Allows Cover to Conform To RV & Minimize Wind Impact
  • Side Entry Zipper Entry (Also Rear Ramp Door on Largest 5 Sizes)
  • Extra Reinforcements Throughout Cover Significantly Reduce Snags & Tears
  • Reinforced Buckles, Flaps & Straps Resist Rip-Out
  • Built-in Vents Allow Air to Escape the Cover in Moderate Winds
  • Front, Rear & Bottom Buckle Cinching System Removes Slack & Prevents Billowing
  • Protects from UV Rays, Rain, Snow & More
  • Iconic Flying W "Brow", Retro Graphics, and Rubberized Winnebago Logs
  • Color is Light Brown on Top with Tan Side
  • Front & Rear Cinching Prevents Billowing
  • Zipper Entry Panels for Quick & Easy Access
  • Built-In Vents Allow Air To Circulate and Not Get Trapped
  • Iconic Winnebago Logos & Retro Graphics
  • The Winnebago RV Cover has been specially designed to fit your Winnebago 5th Wheel Trailer with a contour-fit, retro Winnebago design, superior functionality, and all-weather protection. Engineered by the leading RV Cover experts at ADCO these covers are designed for long-term storage in all climates and even high winds. The zipper entry doors also make it convenient to access your 5th Wheel Trailer as needed.

    Winnebago RV Covers Have Impressive Innovation Built-In

    Your 5th Wheel Trailer will have access panels for your doors to allow quick access when covered which means you don't have to remove the entire cover as you go in and out of your 5th Wheel Trailer. Air vents are built into the sides that allow air to escape the cover in moderate winds to prevent billowing and also allow air to circulate to prevent mold and mildew.

    The corners are elasticized to grip your vehicle tightly and are reinforced to reduce wear to prevent tears and snags. Cinch ropes are used in the front and rear to remove slack and also reduce billowing. Weighted straps with buckles also run beneath your RV trailer to help secure the cover in place. The weighted ends make them super easy to toss and then they can be pulled tight to ensure the cover is securely fastened so it won't blow away with the wind.

    Winnebago Enhanced Roof & Side Protection

    The top panel was constructed from a 5-layer polypropylene fabric that is designed to bead water on contact to prevent pooling and ice-build up. The roof panel also protects against harmful UV rays to prevent cracking and fading while eliminates black streaks and corrosion from pollutants. The added protection on the Winnebago roof top is critical as it gets exposed to the most abuse from the elements. This extra layer of protection extends down the front, rear, and sides for added protection.

    The sides of the Winnebago RV Cover are made of a non-abrasive, four-layer polypropylene. This high-performance, non-woven fabric is water resistant and breathable. The lightweight construction reduces the overall weight of the cover, making it easier to lift and maneuver onto 5th Wheel Trailers.

    Added Winnebago RV Cover Value

    A ladder cap, rain gutter spout protectors, and a storage bag are included with the cover. Place the cap on top of your vehicle's ladder and the protectors over your rain gutter spouts to reduce wear on the cover. The bag allows you to store the cover compactly in your RV or garage when not in use.

    Winnebago Themed Design

    The Winnebago RV Cover features the iconic logos and graphics that appeal to Winnebago owners. The special designs on these covers include the iconic Flying W, the "eyebrow", retro explorer graphics, and a rubberized logo.

    6 Contour-Fit 5th Wheel Trailer Winnebago RV Cover Sizes Available

    • 64852 - 23'1" to 25'6" (312" L x 106" W x 120" H)
    • 64853 - 25'7" - 28' (342" L x 108" W x 126" H)
    • 64854 - 28'1" - 31' (378" L x 108" W x 126" H)
    • 64855 - 31'1" - 34' (414" L x 108" W x 126" H)
    • 64856 - 34'1" - 37' (450" L x 108" W x 126" H)
    • 64857 - 37'1" - 40' (486" L x 108" W x 126" H)

    How To Measure Your 5th Wheel Trailer

    To determine the proper fit, measure the length (front overhang to rear bumper including spare tire or ladder, where applicable) and sidewall height (undercarriage to the top of the natural roof line). This cover is designed to accommodate rooftop accessories such as AC units and vents.

— Since 1965 —