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Carver Suction Cup Tie Downs

CarverSuction Cup Tie Downs

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Suction cup tie-downs are ideal for applications like mooring, where you are unable to tie your cover down using conventional tie-downs. (Use on Smooth & Flat Surfaces)
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Key Features & Benefits

  • Giant 3.25 Inch Suction Cups
  • Toggle Ball Ties
  • Cord Ties are 6-inches & Stretches to 11 Inches
  • Great for Boat Mooring
  • Sticks to Smooth Vehicle or Window Surfaces
  • Each Suction Cup Holds 60 lbs
  • Won't Harm Auto Finishes or Gel Coat
  • No Cleats, Knots or Hardware Needed
  • White Suction Cups
  • Sold as 4-Pack or 8-Pack
  • Suction Cup Tie Downs are perfect for hundreds of tie down applications where there simply isn't an anchor point, cleat or other device to anchor conventional tie downs. These feature a giant 3-1/4" suction cups with toggle ball ties stick to auto finishes, smooth flat boat finishes, and windows. Great when mooring while using boat covers. These come in a 4 Pack or 8-Pack with 6" ties that stretch to 11".

    The surface installing these suction cup tie-downs on must be clean, dry, smooth, flat, and a non porous surface. These are not designed for under water use and will not work for pontoon applications.


    1. Wipe suction cup and surface CLEAN & DRY
    2. Attach tie down to boat cover, tarp, etc.,
    3. Pull tight, stick cup to surface and press center firmly
    4. Cup may be attached first if desired

    100's of Uses

    • Boat Covers
    • Tarps
    • Trunk Lids
    • Snowmobiles
    • Personal Watercraft
    • A.T.V.'s
    • R.V.'s
    • and much more!

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