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Covercraft Exotic PrecisionFit Custom Seat Covers

CovercraftExotic PrecisionFit Custom Seat Covers

Was $461.99
Same Day Shipping

Was $461.99
Same Day Shipping

Bold Exotic Seat Covers like Crocodile, Ostrich, and more. Oh my, how unique (Front and Rear Sold Separately)
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How do I know it fits my boat?

Key Features & Benefits

  • Foam-backed comfort
  • Luxurious & durable synthetic leather
  • Pockets on back of front seat covers
  • Realistic exotic textures
  • No animals harmed
  • Seat airbag safety with hidden tear-away where applicable
  • All applicable headrests, armrests, & console* covers
  • Sold per row; buckets (pair), bench (single)
  • Made in the USA
  • 1-Year Warranty
  • PrecisionFit for a perfect fit
  • Exclusive Option

* Note: A console cover is included with most seat styles. However, some patterns may not include a console cover. Don’t hesitate to call to confirm if your specific pattern includes.

  • Make a bold statement with your vehicle interior by adding an exotic look with our custom fit seat covers. Our exotic seat covers are specially crafted from an ultra fine simulated leather with patterns like Crocodile, Ostrich, or Carbon Fiber. Synthetic leathers look real, but are soft-to-the-touch and have added UV resistance to hold up to the intense UV rays and heat that come through your windows.

    Each seat cover is custom-fit for a perfect fit. We never hinder any factory seat functions like levers or armrests. If your seat has airbags we use the same tear-away stitching used in your factory seats for a finished look that doesn't compromise your safety. Our Exotic Seat Covers will hug every curve of the front and back of your seats. We even include full size map pockets on the backside of your front seats. All armrests, headrests, and console* covers are included.

    Bring out your wild side with our Exotic Seat Covers and enjoy the soft touch of our fine leatherette fabric. We add a plush foam backing to every cover so you know your exotic ride will be stylish and comfortable.

WARNING: Cancer (

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