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Custom Boat Covers

Custom-Fit boat covers are designed to conform to the exact curves of your boat and are our premium boat cover design. Our custom boat covers will come with a draw rope sewn into the hem, allowing you to tighten the cover around the boat. Tie down loops are positioned throughout the hem of the boat cover, and a tie down kit is included for securing the cover to the trailer. Custom boat covers for boats with outboard motors will come with a separate or attached motor cover. These boat covers are reinforced at stress points and are perfect for all uses: storage, mooring, trailering, etc. Offered in Sun-DURA®, and Sunbrella®/Outdura®, these premium boat covers are warrantied for 5-10 years depending on material.

Styled-To-Fit® Boat Covers

Our best seller! Styled-to-Fit® covers, also known as "semi-custom" covers, are our most popular design of boat cover! These are made to fit a specific style and size of boat, and feature a shock cord sewn into their hems, which stretches like a bungee and is made to keep the cover snug to the boat. Styled-to-Fit® boat covers have loops sewn into their hem one every 2-3' feet, for the purpose of tying the cover down when trailering. A tie down kit is included with the cover. Motor covers are attached for boats with outboard motors. Materials offered are Sun-DURA®, and Sunbrella®/Outdura®, and warranties range from 5 to 10 years.

Flex-Fit Boat Covers

Flex-Fit PRO Covers are the most economical and general fitting style of boat cover that we offer. These watercraft covers are available for almost any style of boat ranging in length from 14' to 22'. These covers are a great option for storage or mooring and also are trailerable. A shock cord is enclosed in the hem of this cover, allowing the cover to snug nicely to the hull. Tie down loops are also sewn throughout the hem of the cover, and a tie down kit is included to aid in securing the cover to the boat. Flex-Fit PRO boat covers come in a material called Poly-Flex II which is an easy to handle fabric that offers general protection from dust, dirt, and the elements. Warrantied for 3 years.

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Our Carver boat covers are well known as the best covers under the sun as we strive to build quality boat covers, bimini tops, and marine accessories to help you get the most out of your boat. Buying boat covers direct doesn't need to be difficult and that is why we have built our website around making finding your exact marine protection simple and easy.

We manufacture all of our boat covers, bimini tops for boats, and specialty canvas in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility where we're able to better ensure the quality and promptness for all of our Carver Covers.

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