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Jayco RV Covers

Jayco RV Covers specific to your motorhome or trailer style and size, manufactured by our ADCO and Wolf divisions with quality materials and superior workmanship. Select your style of Jayco RV below to shop the perfect fit RV Cover.

Quality RV Covers for Your Jayco

Jayco started back in 1968 by a man on his farm. This man was named Lloyd J. Bontrager. He wanted to build a company that would provide pleasant, wholesome memories for families all over the country. He also had a very family oriented management style when it came to his employees. All employees were considered family to Lloyd. These principles are what make Jayco so different from other RV manufacturers. Once you buy a Jayco, you will still continue to receive excellent customer service. Jayco is known for their Amish style matched by the newest cutting-edge technology. Whether you are a weekend camper or a full-timer, you truly get the greatest camping experience in your Jayco.

At Covercraft, we offer only top-of-the-line RV covers by ADCO and Wolf. Our Jayco RV covers will protect your camper or motorhome against the outdoor elements and keep it looking brand new for years to come. We have options available to fit any size and style Jayco which ensures that we have something specific to your needs. Whether you have the Jayco Jay Sport, Jay Feather, or the Pinnacle, Covercraft has the perfect recreational vehicle cover for you.

Measuring Your RV

Measure from bumper to bumper

For ADCO and Wolf brand RV covers, take your measurement from bumper to bumper, including everything you would like covered, like spare tires or ladders. We do not recommend covering the tongue/hitch on bumper pull units.

When measuring your unit's height for any of our covers, measure from the bottom of the unit's body or mid-wheel (not the ground) to the top of the unit. Do not include the added height of any roof mounted equipment (like an a/c unit).

More Measuring Instructions

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