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Itasca Motorhome RV Covers

Shop RV Covers for Itasca Class A and Class C Motorhomes, manufactured with the best weatherproof materials and superior workmanship. We manufacture quality ADCO Covers. Select your Itasca Motorhome style below to find your perfect fit RV cover.

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Quality Motorhome Covers for Your Itasca

Itasca is a name that recreational vehicle owners have trusted for quality craftsmanship and excellent design. Now owned by Winnebago, the Itasca brand continues to be popular. Protect your Itasca motorhome from nature’s hazards with a guaranteed fit cover. Quality Itasca RV covers in Olefin HD or SFS AquaShed defend against UV rays, moisture, bird droppings, debris, and other dangers that arise while storing your RV. Choose from any of our premium ADCO RV covers that are made specifically for your motorhomes dimensions.

Measuring Your RV

Measure from bumper to bumper

For ADCO and Wolf brand RV covers, take your measurement from bumper to bumper, including everything you would like covered, like spare tires or ladders. We do not recommend covering the tongue/hitch on bumper pull units.

When measuring your unit's height for any of our covers, measure from the bottom of the unit's body or mid-wheel (not the ground) to the top of the unit. Do not include the added height of any roof mounted equipment (like an a/c unit).

More Measuring Instructions

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