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Bimini Top Protection


Our bimini top fabric UV rating is based on the longevity, steadfastness and weave density that the cover will provide when exposed to the sun. We recommend choosing a lighter color in the most intense sun conditions to keep your boat cooler. Proper UV protection will protect you and your boat interior.


Durability of our Bimini canvas cover is important and is rated based on the tensile; breaking strength and elongation of textile fabrics. The fabrics with the highest durability (such as Performance Poly-Guard®) will resist further tearing even when punctured or accidently torn.


It's easier to prevent mildew than it is to eliminate once embedded in the fibers. Canvas with higher breathability will greatly help the resistance of mold/mildew as moisture won’t get trapped and can escape freely. Synthetic canvas fabrics do not support the growth of mildew. Mildew around water can always occur, but a quality canvas with proper drying techniques will go a long way to keeping your Bimini looking it’s best.


Water repellency will repel the majority of water/rain, however it is possible that moisture can penetrate the canvas during heavy rainfall and/or if water or snow is left to "pool" on top of the bimini top. Never use a "Waterproof Bimini Canvas" as this will only trap moisture from escaping.


Bimini tops are taking the abuse that nature and elements would put onto your boat, but they don't last forever. We offer a variety of fabrics with different limited warranties to fit your budget and protection needs. Under normal use you should comfortably be able to get the stated warranty out of your cover. Bimini tops have a 5-year limited frame warranty while the canvas is dependent on the material chosen.

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