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AeroSheep by Covercraft

Flying Never Felt So Good 

Aeroplane Seat Covers Sold Individually for Cockpit & by Row for Rears

Why AeroSheep by Covercraft

Since 1988 Aerosheep has been the only company in the US specializing in the design and manufacture of sheepskin seat covers exclusively for aircraft. Our AeroSheep division focuses on what they do best - making sheepskin seat covers for your aircraft.

Using the finest Australian Merino sheepskin, skilled craftsmen hand tailor each seat cover from scratch. With our library of hundreds of templates and patterns we can tailor covers to fit the seats in almost any aircraft. Of course, we gladly work with our customers to tailor covers for custom, unusual or reupholstered seats, usually at a minor increase from the patterns we already have.

So, taildragger or retractable, fixed wing or helicopter, piston, turboprop or jet, call the specialists at Aerosheep at 1-800-635-4113 or send us an email "Airplane" is spoken here and we're here to answer your questions.

Why Choose Aerosheep?

  • Over 30 years' experience
  • Documented compliance with FAA flame requirements
  • Easy installation
  • Tailored fit with no wrinkling
  • Dense 1" natural fleece won't shed on clothing
  • Snug fitting - will not slip or scoot
  • Cool in the summer, warm in the winter, fully lined protecting seats from sun and wear
  • Hand-crafted in the USA

See What Others Have To Say

More AeroSheep Testimonials

AeroSheep Reviews"Being a small, yet fast paced "Alaskan Bush" air service we have come to depend on the high quality seat covers offered by Aerosheep for our Cessna, Piper and Beech aircraft. The excellent caliber of sheepskins have helped ensure the comfort of our pilots during temperature extremes in our fleet of 17 aircraft.  After more than 15 years of dealing with Aerosheep we would recommend their product and service to any business or individual."

Janette Stansel - Wright Air Service, Fairbanks, AK

AeroSheep Reviews"If you're looking for a quality seat cover in a timely fashion you've found it with Aerosheep."

Don Lechner - Executive Beechcraft, Chesterfield, MO

AeroSheep Reviews"Well made from high quality materials and should provide hundreds of hours of service."

Aviation Consumer Magazine

AeroSheep Reviews"Over the years we have purchased Aerosheep seat covers for many of our training, rental and charter aircraft.  We continue to be impressed with the quality of the product and the professional customer service we have received.  Highly recommended."

Al Isaac - AVCENTER, Pocatello, ID

AeroSheep Reviews"Just wanted to write you and commend the folks at Aerosheep for their great service and great product.  I first purchased seat covers for my Arrow in 2002.  They have taken a great deal of abuse over the years from student and instructors and myself.  They fit just as advertised and the company has been great in repairing the wear and tear.  The set I just received back are just like new.  Thanks for your assistance."

Jerry Williams, President, Sonoran Wings Flight training Centre, Tucson, AZ

AeroSheep Reviews"We have used Aerosheep covers for many years in our aircraft upholstery business. They have supplied us with covers for the smallest Cessna to
corporate jets. We appreciate their attention to detail and the quick delivery time. We have given them some difficult custom orders and the
fit is always perfect. They always do a quality job and stand behind their work."

Jeff Belardi, Belardi Interiors, Inc. / Complete Aircraft Interiors, Watsonville, CA

AeroSheep Reviews"I want to thank you for your great detail and workmanship in your products. All of the Aviation sheepskin seat covers that we have had
made over the years have always been cut correct and fit the airplanes like a glove. The attention to the perfect custom fit is the best we
have seen. You now have ALL of our business for these great seat covers. Keep up the great work!"

Tina Vanderford, Owner, North Texas Pilot Supply/ Everything Aviation, Roanoke, TX

AeroSheep Reviews"I have used AeroSheep products on many occasions with excellent results. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone. From their
customer service to the product quality, Aerosheep provides a consistent service that you can count on."

H. Fernandez- San Antonio, Texas

AeroSheep Reviews"Got the covers.  Great product - perfect fit and absolutely love them! Thanks again!"

 LTC J. Scott Murray,  US Army,  College of Naval Warfare

AeroSheep Reviews"A colleague of mine , Simon Heuzenroeder recently purchased some covers for his Cessna from you and highly recommends your product.

Quality service... Word travels the world fast!"

David Seddon, Oasis Auto Service, Mildura Victoria, Australia

AeroSheep Reviews"Thanks Aerosheep Great to know the order is underway. Seen your seat covers in another Cessna 182 and was impressed. Thanks again for your help."

Ian Spicer, Australia

AeroSheep Reviews"just a quick note to tell you that we finally had a chance to bring the new covers to the aircraft yesterday, and spent some time doing an initial installation. THEY LOOK LOVELY! We are going to work on the straps next, and see if there are any "minor mods" that might be necessary or appropriate, as you originally suggested might occur. Nonetheless, for not having seen this model before, nor having a template on file, we think that you did a beautiful job, and we appreciate that very much! We will get you some photos, with some final details the next chance that we have. We look forward to showing these at the next Embraer Phenom conference, and bragging about you guys."

Roger Burnell

Airplane Seats: Re-upholster or Cover with Custom Sheepskin Seat Covers?

If your airplane has ripped or torn seats in which the foam rubber is showing, there is a good chance that it will not receive its annual Airworthiness Certificate from the FAA. This could result in your airplane being grounded until repairs are made.  Here are the options you will find when looking to remedy the situation.

Sheepskin airplane seat covers
New airplane upholstery
Features: Sheepskin seat covers that completely cover seat.  Custom made to perfectly fit your aircraft seat.
New material and foam filling to replace the original seat material.
Cost: Around $300 per seat.
Ranges between $800 - $1500 per seat.
Installation: Do it yourself in 45 minutes.
May require up to two weeks grounding time for plane.
FAA Approved: Yes - Seats will pass inspection. Documented compliance with FAA flame requirements.
Yes - Seats will pass inspection.
Cleaning: Remove to hand wash or dry clean.
Use appropriate cleaner for the material.
Benefits: Sheepskin is naturally warm in winter, cool in summer and wicks moisture from the skin.
Brand new seats and foam.  Good if older plane where anti-flammable materials were not required.
Color Options: Available in 12 different colors.
Multiple color options.  Check with companies offering re-upholstery.
Warranty: 90-day product warranty and guaranteed satisfaction.
Varies by company.

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