Have you ever thought about the fact that over 100 years ago, the main source of transportation was by horse and buggy? Ever wondered what will come next? Of course you do, and you’re not alone.

Dr. Edith Widder, oceanographer, once said… “Exploration is the engine that drives innovation …” and we couldn’t agree more. Whether its exploring a new environment or exploring new ideas. The curious mind allows us to think of the possibilities and pushes the boundaries of what we try to accomplish. Its the catalyst that drives human innovation and propels society into the future.

Many recent efforts have been made to find solutions for new and reusable forms of energy to power and drive our world, and theres a group of students at Iowa State University who understand this all too well.

Team PrISUm was founded in 1989 (originally called the ISU Solar Car Project) that was started by a group of engineering honor students. To date they have successfully competed in 12 different award winning cars and are the only team to have qualified and raced a new vehicle for all Sunrayce and American Solar Challenge races.

They recently completed their 2016 solar car and are already making plans to go bigger and better. They’ve just hosted an unveiling on their campus and Covercraft followed along on social media.

PrISUm Solar car unveiling photo by Brain Mozey


Team PrISUm's 2016 Solar Car protected with a Covercraft custom cover

Team PrISUm’s 2016 Solar Car protected with a Covercraft custom cover

We wanted to make sure the folks from Team PrISUm had the gear they needed on the road to help them protect their unique vehicle.

Now I know what you’re thinking…

” Its a Solar Car…doesn’t  it need… Sun?”

Well you see, just like any other vehicle, when it’s not in operation, it helps to keep it covered in order to keep dust and dirt from settling on the vehicle. In this case, the solar cells needed to be as clean as possible when on the road and that means taking care of it off the road as well. For this project we decided to send Team PrISUm a custom Fleeced Satin Cover  to protect the students’ creation while it was stationary. We made sure to add logos acknowledging all those who helped make the project possible. Covercraft is extremely honored to play a small part in the ambitions of the extremely talented members of Team PrISUm and wish them all the best in their future endeavors.

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