We all know that summer can be a brutal time for your car. The sun’s damaging UV rays wreak havoc on paint, moldings, interiors, tires and more. We wanted to see what some automotive experts had to say about taking car of your car during the summer and share their thoughts with you.

Lauren Fix, aka The Car Coach is a nationally recognized female automotive expert. Watch her video explaining how the hot summer sun can damage your car.


The Editors at Autotrader have some easy maintenance tips. Click Here.


Finally, Radio Personality and Automotive Guru Alan Taylor gives you some great advice on saving fuel during your summer driving.

So, get out there (early before it gets too hot) and check the air pressure in your tires, clean out the trunk, check your wipers and fluid levels and then enjoy that summer outing or road trip. And when it comes to protection, remember that Covercraft offers a full line of protective products. The Covercraft Vehicle Protection System.

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