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Ready-Fit covers could actually be called "semi-custom" since they are designed to provide a very good fit using incremental sizing and a hatchback silhouette. While any of our over 80,000 custom-patterned covers can be purchased by special order, you'll find Ready-Fit covers readily available at most automotive retailers, in up to four different levels of protection. This semi-custom program uses Block-It® Series non-woven protection fabrics made by Kimberly-Clark in the U.S.A. Our wide variety of patterns provides a good semi-custom fit. There are NO mirror pockets on Ready-Fit covers.

  • Made from Kimberly-Clark Block-It® Series non-woven protection fabrics
  • Breathable and naturally water- resistant
  • Dust / Pollen / UV protection
  • Easy To Use
  • Wide variety of patterns, providing a good semi-custom fit
Protection For Whatever You Drive®
— Since 1965 —