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Pack Lite
Form-Fit Motorcycle Covers
Harbor Shell
Seat Shield

Covers for motorcycles, ATV's and personal watercraft, as well as soft-sided motorcycle luggage

  • Custom patterned covers for Harley-Davidson® model bikes Ready-Fit® motorcycle covers for all types - tour, cruiser, street, dirt
  • Pack-Lite™ WeatherShield® fabric for full and half motorcycle covers - compact & washable in a home washer and dryer - a Covercraft exclusive
  • Form-Fit® - The softest indoor covers you'll find to pamper fine paint and chrome
  • Scooter covers for all models, shapes and sizes
  • ATV covers in camo or UV reflective silver urethane fabric
  • PWC covers, suitable for towing, made with special marine-grade fabrics
Protection For Whatever You Drive®
— Since 1965 —