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Cargo Area Liners
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Universal-Fit Cargo Area Liners

Good value and good protection, constructed of durable, waterproof urethane-coated polyester fabric... available in three sizes.

Universal-Fit Cargo Area Liner covers are available in three (3) sizes to fit a wide variety of cargo areas, SUVs, cross-overs & wagons. They cover the cargo area and the back of the rear seat.

Universal-Fit Cargo Area Liner offers good protection for your interior.

Universal-Fit Cargo Area Liner covers the cargo area and allows for the rear seat to be up or down.

Plastic side-release buckles attach the Universal-Fit Cargo Area Liner to the rear seat headrests.

Custom Cargo Area Liner

Cargo Area Protection for SUV’s, Cross-overs & Wagons. Custom Cargo Area Liner protects the entire floor area and seat back. Hook & loop strip allows split seats to operate.

  • Over 225 Custom-Fit patterns
  • Split seat-backs still operate (if equipped)
  • Tie-downs secure to factory D-rings
  • Includes fold-out bumper cover flap for addition protection
  • Tough, waterproof, urethane-coated polyester fabric available in four colors
  • Hose off to clean, hang & air dry

Custom Cargo Area Liner is designed to allow split seat backs to work in the up or down position for added cargo flexibility.

Custom Cargo Area Liner has a bumper flap that easily pulls out from underneath when needed

Custom Cargo Area Liner shown with bumper flap stored helps protect your cargo area from dirt, scrapes & stains.

Cargo Area Liner easily attaches around vehicle headrests with adjustable straps band side-release buckles.

Multiple tie-downs, as needed, attach to existing cargo hooks.

Finished edges and custom-fit hook & loop closures for split seat applications.

Protection For Whatever You Drive®
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