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Canine Cargo Area  Covers

If you drive an SUV or wagon your cargo area has a lot of space which is perfect for your dogs. You don't have to worry about your dogs falling in between the seats or trying to jump in and out of a tight space. That's why we created our Canine Cargo Area Liners. These are made to fit your cargo space perfectly while giving some padded comfort to your fur babies. We designed our Canine Cargo Area Liners for functionality also. If you have split seats we have them made so that you can use with your seats folded up, partially down, or fully down. With the Canine Cargo Area Liners, you won't have to miss another adventure with your dogs. 

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Canine Cargo Area Cover FAQ's

How Does The Canine Cargo Area Attach To The Top of The Backset?

Typically these attach to the top of the backseat with a hook and loop strap. 

Can The Canine Cargo Area Liner Be Cleaned?

Yes, our canine cargo area liners are super easy to care for and can be spot cleaned or machine washed. 

Do The Canine Cargo Liners Go All The Way Up The Back Seats When They Are Folded Down?

Yes, there is extra fabric which is held in place with hook & loop tabs when the seats are upright and when you fold the seats down you just pull on the fabric to release the extra length needed when the seat is folded down. 

Are Your Canine Cargo Area Covers Custom-Fit?

Yes, each one is specially patterned for a perfect fit.

I Have A Subwoofer In my Cargo Area Will The Canine Cargo Area Liner Fit?

It depends on if it was a factory installed subwoofer or an aftermarket subwoofer. If factory installed we will ask when you enter your vehicle details if you have a subwoofer or not as some models may not have been standard.

Are There Canine Seat Covers Available?

Absolutely! We know many people like to travel with their dogs in the rear seating area. We have a few great options. For a custom-fit like our Canine Cargo Area Liners you would want our Custom Canine Seat Covers. We do have some other semi-custom versions available as well to help keep your rear seats or front seats protected. 

How long does it take for the products to arrive?

Custom-patterned products are made to order. Please allow up to 2 weeks for us to make and up to 6 days for delivery. Please see actual Estimated Ship Date once the item is added to the shopping cart. 


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