Autumn or Fall?

We Should Just Call It Football Season!

Rev up your engine! It is almost that time of year where the sounds of referee whistles fill the air and the leaves begin to change. Time to exchange our wardrobe of summer attire for cool weather gear and start rooting for our favorite teams. Guys and gals we all know this is your favorite time of year, Football Season!



One of the best things about football is tailgating with friends. But, getting there with your food and gear intact can be a challenge. Nothing like showing up at the stadium only to find your bratwurst have made their way to the floorboard and are resting comfortably under the rear seat of your SUV amongst the assorted crumbs and fuzzy things your kids have deposited there. How about forgetting to close the drain on that brand new ice chest which turns the carpet into mush. And, there’s always the overturned charcoal grill in the bed of your pickup that makes for a dirty kickoff.

To make the most of your game day experience, you need to be sure that all your gear stays organized and secure and your vehicle stays protected. Keep that grill in place with a Cargo Bar and the food secure with a Cargo Bar with Net. You’ll be sure that your cargo area stays clean with a Custom Cargo Area Liner and get your seats ready for the long season with a set of custom SeatSaver seat covers.

Be the winner of the tailgate party not the whiner. Get organized, get protected and get the win!

Go Team!