Product reviews are an important part of online purchasing decisions for today’s consumer. Most people value the input of others who have purchased a product they are interested in and use that information in making a decision to purchase or not purchase an item or service. Hotel room bookings, restaurant reservations, refrigerator purchases and vacation destinations are just some of the more common items you would expect to see reviews for when shopping online. There’s almost always a mixed bag of commentary on customer service, atmosphere, product function and pricing. All of this input is crucial in determining a purchase from a website, especially for big-ticket items. So when we see one of our products garnering the accolades from our valued customers, we just have to share our happiness and gratitude with everyone.

WeatherShield HP, our exclusive High-Performance fabric, has been getting rave reviews on the product page. Reviews like: “Fantastic Cover for the HARSHEST Environments” and “The perfect cover”. These statements and the 5 Star ratings all indicate to us that you agree…WeatherShield HP is a great car cover!


camaro-weathershield=blueOver 20 years ago Covercraft partnered with Nextec Applications, Inc., a technology leader that pioneered a new process for creating performance fabrics used primarily in the outdoor clothing industry.

Through precise polymer placement and special chemistries, they were able to place protective finishes inside the fabric, encapsulating the actual woven fibers to transform ordinary fabric into extraordinary fabric. The encapsulation processes, methods and equipment are protected by more than 50 patents issued or pending in the U.S. and internationally. Working with Nextec’s extensive R&D resources, Covercraft created what is considered the “perfect” fabric for outdoor or indoor vehicle protection. EPIC by Nextec’s encapsulation process delivers all-weather protection, compact packability, easy care, and a soft-to-paint touch without sacrificing breathability. WeatherShield HP is not waterproof but, if kept clean, will shed most water and help prevent dust, dirt, bird droppings and tree sap from reaching the vehicle surface. The breathable properties of the fabric assure that any heat, moisture or condensation under the cover can easily escape.

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