Spring is here and has brought a flurry of tasks with it. From spring cleaning, endless yard work and home repairs to family events such as sports, graduations heck even weddings. This makes for a busy time of the year. With all that’s going on, this is not time to forget about your wheels.


Whether your car spent the winter battling the elements and endless potholes or was a bear tucked away in a cave, hibernating during the harsh winter, you need to be sure it is safe and ready to hit the open road.



April is National Car Care Month and though it is rapidly coming to end, the need for safety is just as important the entire year. So be sure to check back in to the Car Care Council’s website periodically to remind yourself of those critical items on your vehicle that need regular inspection and attention. And, once you’ve got your ride safe and secure, don’t forget to take care of the protection aspects. Use a sunscreen everyday when you’re parked to protect against the sun and to keep the interior cooler. Installing a dash cover can help keep the dash looking new but also adds a custom look to the interior. If a road trip is in your summer plans, now is the time to consider a front end mask to keep those bugs and debris from wrecking that beautiful paint you just spent so much time washing and waxing. Be safe out there folks, we want to see down the road!