If you‘re in the group of folks upgrading to a new vehicle, remember what your seats look like when you get behind the wheel for the first time… because they will never look that good again.



With cars living well past the 200,000 mile range, the seats take a real beating from all directions. Ripped cushions from sliding in and out, coffee stains from the morning commute and fading from the sun, the seats get punished day-in, day-out. 6a00d83451b3c669e201a73d9e7a95970d-800wi 

With the average cost of reupholstering or replacing a vehicle seat ranging from $100 – $400 for EACH SEAT, its hard to argue against the need to protect your seats so your interior looks like new. 

The SeatSaver(TM) from Covercraft is your best bet when it comes to custom protection.


What do we mean by custom? Well, just that. These seat covers are made vehicle specific; meaning they fit only the vehicle make and model you specify. With our pattern library growing everyday, we’re sure to have something to fit your Truck or SUV. 

Aside from the fit, these bad boys are phenomenal when it comes to durability. We get customers who call back all the time saying how surprised they are at how well the covers take the abuse and still continue to look great. The fabric is made from Heavy-duty polycotton drill weave that is treated for water repellency and it also breathes to release heat and moisture; keeping you and your passengers cool. Cool like the Fonz… Built with the same care and quality that we‘ve used to make custom car covers since 1965, you’ll be hard pressed to find a set of custom seat covers that measure up to SeatSavers.

Quality, durability, style and comfort.

Its the ideal seat protector for anyone and everyone… 

The SeatSaver… (I mean, come on, its in the name)


For more info you can visit Covercraft.com