Remember your first love?

Valentines day is here and  the big “L” is in the air. With so much talk about love its nearly impossible for us to not think about past loves… “you always remember your first” right?

Take it easy big fella, thats not where I’m going with this.

This week we’re talking about the ones that started it all. The ones that gave us our first taste of freedom, showing us the world one gas tank at a time.  The ones that helped build a lifetime of memories and help birth a passion that we carry today.

I’m talking about your first car.

We all remember that pivotal moment in our lives when we finally we’re able to turn in our bus pass for a set of keys… and the journey that not only gave us our first taste of adulthood, but planted a seed in our hearts that continues to grow tho this date.


So tell us your story… Who was your fist love?

Chevy Truck