At Covercraft, we know that the fuel that powers a car enthusiast to build, repair or restore a vehicle is PASSION

Not only is this a characteristic that many builders and collectors exhibit in their lives as they work tirelessly to transform and upkeep their vehicles, it’s THE fundamental driving force in what they do. Passion can take many shapes and forms. It’s manifested in works of art produced through the imagination and creativity that lets the passionate heart take over.

Whether you’re a purist and feel that classics should be kept in unadulterated original condition or if modify is your middle name, passion for your vehicle powers you down the road.  A rusted classic reclaimed by nature can become a $20,000 gem to the classic restorer. All the while a mod crazy builders vision of the same classic could include re-engineering and reinforcing it to accommodate more modern high performance parts. 

We always hear of Americans and their passion for cars but the Japanese have a word for it as well,

情熱  or Jōnetsu

Down Shift Magazine features a group of Japanese automotive freaks that embody this notion in this video. As the saying goes… ” The proof is in the pudding”

Whatever direction your passion takes you, be sure to preserve all that hard work with our line of protective products. From custom car covers and seat covers to floor mats and UV sunscreens, our passion is to provide you with the stuff to keep father time and mother nature’s hands of your hard work and helping the new kids in town reach #classicstatus . 

So what are you waiting for?  …go out there and unleash your Passion!

What’s your passion? What drives you? Are you a purist or a modifier? Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe!