Tips for this busy Holiday

Labor Day. The Holiday celebrating those who work by insisting, “You go! Do something! Something, other than work -before it’s too late!!!! However, it also serves as a great reminder that cooler weather is on the way, football season is here, and the fun in the sun is coming to an end. Some of you may be planning one last trip to your favorite family destination, or preparing for one last spontaneous weekend getaway. We have some helpful tips for you and your family this Labor Day weekend.

Labor Day is what it is, a reminder to take it easy, relax and if not any other day “take the day off” work to prepare yourself or your family and your most prized possessions for the upcoming change in seasons. For many, it is simply a day well spent relaxing off of work. However, for many others it is an extra day to catch up on work.

WEEKEND TRAVEL PLANS: If you are hitting the road this weekend be sure check the air pressure in your tires, top off those fluids, inspect belts and hoses and do an all-around safety check. Pack some emergency items just in case.

PET TRAVEL SAFETY: We all love our pets, something we often forget to think about, is pet safety. While fun and eventful times make for lots of great family moments and memories for the book, we need to remember the importance of safety, for our littlest ones and sometimes biggest family members. Labor Day is expected to be one of the busiest travel days of the year. A lot of families love to travel this time of year, often times they are conflicted with bringing the family pet or leaving him behind at the pet sitter. Be sure to use a quality safety harness if fido is going along for the ride.



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Labor-less or labor-full, it is here. As the relationship between you and Summer comes to a close, Labor Day makes it official. So take the day off, relax by the pool or cook out on the beach -plan something exciting!