It’s our favorite time of year. The weather is warm, car shows are in full swing and planning for the annual SEMA Show is reaching a peak. While these things are very exciting, it tends to get really busy towards the end of June.

Kids are out of school, folks are off on vacations and the work loads seem to be extra heavy. It’s easy to get side-tracked and see this year’s 4th of July Holiday as just a welcome 3-day weekend.

Let’s not forget that this holiday is a celebration. The recognized birthday of our country and our freedom to enjoy a car show at the park, a baseball game at the stadium, or some delicious burgers and hot dogs in the backyard. And we have to mention fireworks. All over the country, all weekend long there are pyrotechnic displays of patriotism wowing crowds into the late hours of the night.

happy family sitting on floor and watching the fireworks

We hope that you’re all able to celebrate a little (or a lot) this weekend and 4th of July. Get together with some family and friends and enjoy the summer. And, of course, be safe out there!

Happy Birthday America!