Old Man Winter has made his presence known in 2016 and your backside is feeling the effects. Especially if you’re one of the guys (or gals) who makes a living being out in the elements everyday. Construction crew, oil field, tow truck driver, delivery, or any one of the other many occupations that don’t take a break when weather turns sour.


pick-up truck with snowplow attached working the street during a blizzard.

Most of us don’t have the luxury of having factory-installed heated seats in our vehicles (especially work vehicles), so we’ve got to let our backs and butts warm up slowly in the truck. That is, if you’re in it long enough to get warm.

Well, Covercraft does have a solution for you that will warm up your posterior and give you a brighter outlook on that snowy day. It’s called the SeatHeater™. This aftermarket seat heating kit works installed directly onto vehicle seats, or can be used with seat covers like Covercraft SeatSaver™ or SeatGloves® and most breathable aftermarket seat covers.

seatheater_bucket                  seatheater_package

The  SeatHeater™ is easily installed on any seats with formed or adjustable headrest, as well as beneath most fitted aftermarket seat covers made with breathable fabrics. This kit is “Plug & Play” ready, powered by the vehicle accessory power outlet. Self-Regulating results in faster-to-ideal temperature due to the PTC heating elements. Made in the USA by Check Corp., they radiate heat evenly and self-regulate for comfort.

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