Las Vegas, NV (September 21, 2017) – Not all hybrids are fuel-efficient.  One in fact is designed to burn gas – AV Gas.  Introducing P.A.R.T.™ – the world’s only Plymouth Air Radial Truck™.  It’s a plane.  It’s a truck.  It’s a mash up of a 1939 Plymouth Pick-up and a 757 seven-cylinder radial engine from a 1950’s Cessna airplane.  And it runs.


“Why be normal?” said Gary Corns, owner of Colorado Auto & Parts and the builder/mad scientist behind this one of kind vehicle.  “A former CEO of Cessna saw it and liked it so much he brought me parts and signed the console.  A VP at Lockheed Martin asked me to explain how we put it together.  We must be doing something right when a rocket scientist is asking us how it works,” said Corns.

When the smoke clears and your eyesight returns, it’s truly a thing of beauty.  Pockmarked raw steel is dotted with rivets, and the Cessna engine’s finned cylinders rise from the bare-metal engine bay like a ghost in the fog.  If a machine could have emotion, this is as close at comes.  It has literally every component of an airplane to boot, including a functioning pitot tube to measure fluid flow velocity.

“When we first heard about Gary and his creation, we knew he needed to be in our booth at SEMA”, say Mark Korros, CEO of Covercraft. In addition to the truck being on display in booth #23343 during SEMA week, the truck’s creator, Gary Corns, will make several personal appearances in the booth to answer questions about the one-of-a-kind vehicle.

See P.A.R.T. on Jay Leno’s Garage:

About Colorado Auto and Parts:

Colorado Auto and Parts is a family-owned automotive recycling and salvage business in Englewood, Colorado. In business since 1959, they currently feature over 40 acres of vehicles from classic fire trucks to current muscle cars. Not your typical vehicle builders, the Corns family does boast of their creation, the worlds only Plymouth Air Radial Truck™ which has been featured in Hot Rod Magazine and on Jay Leno’s Garage. For more information about Colorado Auto and Parts visit


About Covercraft Industries, LLC:

Covercraft Industries, LLC is a market leading player in the custom automotive accessory market, providing premium quality exterior and interior protection products. The company is the world’s largest manufacturer of custom-patterned vehicle covers, with a library that includes more than 400,000 distinct automotive patterns. Additional product lines include custom front and rear seat covers, front end masks, dashboard covers, floor mats, window sunscreens, RV covers, patio furniture covers and others. Covercraft owns multiple brands including ADCO, Colgan Custom, DashMat, GT Covers, PCI and Wolf, and branded products with industry leading names including Airstream, Carhartt, Ford and Winnebago. Founded in Southern California in 1965, Covercraft is Headquartered in Pauls Valley, Oklahoma with additional manufacturing facilities in California, Texas, Australia and Mexico. For more information about Covercraft visit


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