We just got back from the ATA ( Archery Trade Association ) in Nashville, Tennessee and boy did we see some great gear! Along for the trip, we brought our very own Blind Web.

Image      Now, any hunter (I should say successful hunter) will tell you that one of the keys to bringing home that trophy bird or buck is concealment. You can’t run from what you can’t see. Thats why we’ve developed this unique blind accessory that gives you a solid way to add local foliage to your hunting blind, giving you true and almost total concealment.


blind_webb_before_afterIts easy to use, just set up your existing hunting blind, attach the Blind Webb, then add local foliage in your surround area and thats it. You’ll blend in so good, every chameleon from here to Timbuktu will be jealous.

“But the ATA show is over” you say…” Where else can I got to see this…” No worries my friend. We hightailed it across the US to Sacramento, Ca. and set up at the ISE Show . We’ll be out here all weekend so come out and see what you can pick up to help you “Release your Wild“!


If  you can’t make the show or you’d like more information, please visit us at blindwebb.com

Also, don’t forget to pick up a set of these bad boys…