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SeatGloves Seat Covers
SeatGloves Seat Covers

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SeatGloves Seat Covers
The seat cover designed for driving comfort, with spacer fabric in the seating area… For bucket seats in Cars, Trucks and SUV’s

You stay stay drive better!


It’s a fact – when you are comfortable, you drive better. SeatGloves® cover the prime sitting area of the seat and feature a center panel constructed of
3-Dimensional fabric with a moisture-wicking surface layer.

3-dimensional spacer fabrics combine as many as three different fibers in a simultaneous knitting operation to create a fabric with moisture management on the surface, spacer fibers in the center for breathability, and stretch solid warp knit fabric in the bottom for additional durability. This is a high-performance warp knit – not a laminate and not a foam, so it won’t flake or dry out.

Features that make SeatGlove Seat Covers the Best include:

  • Moisture Management – Seating panel materials help keep you comfortable.
  • Breathable Cushioning – 3-dimensional center panel provides extra compression resistance, breathability and insulation.
  • Form-Fitting Border – Stretch fabric has the look and feel of neoprene, but it’s also breathable!
  • Fabric panels are positioned in prime seating areas for maximum comfort.
  • Easy to Install & Remove – Semi-custom sizes for most bucket seats, even with side airbags.
  • Easy Care – Just throw in the washer and dryer to clean.
  • Choose from five insert colors...from mild to wild!
  • Now available for seats with side airbags!

Choose from 5 colors...
Bright Blue (BL) Tan (TN) Red (RD) Grey (GY) Yellow (YL)
Blue (BL) Tan (TN) Red (RD) Grey (GY) Yellow (YL)
(Actual colors may vary slightly from what you see on your screen)