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Pauls Valley, OK — October 28, 2015 - Covercraft has been selected to provide a custom car cover for Goolsby Customs’ 1969 Mustang to be unveiled at the SEMA Hot Rod Industry Alliance (HRIA) booth, number 23395 at 11:00 a.m. on Tuesday, November 3.“It has been great working with Covercraft,” said Tim Spencer, the vehicle owner. “We did our research, and Covercraft was by far the best company to work with when it came to selecting a cover. They were a pleasure to work with, and created a custom-fit WeatherShield HP cover for us – it looks beautiful and keeps the car well protected, indoors and out.” (Read more)
Pauls Valley, OK — October 26, 2015 - Covercraft is helping make a dream come true for an honored Veteran as part of project “Dream Dart”. A tragic accident left Steve Connor, United States Navy Second Class Machinist Mate, an amputee and disabled Veteran. Since the accident, Steve and his wife, Keri hoped to have the family’s 1967 Dart restored. Spearheaded by the custom vehicle builders of Finish Line Speed Shop, project Dream Dart has received the generous support of a number of aftermarket companies including Covercraft. (Read more)
Pauls Valley, OK — September 28, 2015 - Covercraft continues to enhance its indoor covers line with the latest custom-fit patterns, offered in five different fabric options. “Our design team adds up to 25 new custom patterns to our design library each week,” said Mark Korros, CEO of Covercraft. “Our pattern library now includes more than 80,000 custom patterns.” (Read more)
Pauls Valley, OK — September 21, 2015 - Six Stylish Colors; New Patterns Now Available.When it comes to protecting your truck or SUV seats from dirt, spills, pets, kids, weekend adventures, DIY projects and sun damage, Covercraft delivers with custom fit SeatSaver seat covers. Whether you’re protecting or restoring vehicle seats, SeatSavers are the perfect solution. “We all use our vehicles for a lot more than a daily driver. SeatSavers allow people to live, work and play – even in the harshest climates - without worrying about seat damage,” stated Mark Korros, CEO of Covercraft. “Our SeatSavers were created to provide a super tough, stylish, easy care seat cover that everyone can afford.” (Read more)
Pauls Valley, OK — September 15, 2015 - Covercraft has taken seat protection and comfort to a new level with its easy-to- install SeatHeater kits. Unlike many other seat heating systems, each SeatHeater kit includes four heating elements for both the seat base and seat back (both driver and passenger seats) for toasty, full body comfort during cold weather. The wiring harness simply plugs into the vehicle accessory power outlet. Each kit also includes a dual switch for individual heat control. The self-regulating heating elements are made in the U.S.A. with patented heating technology that provides uniform warmth and prevents overheating. (Read more)
Pauls Valley, OK — June 30, 2015 - Dashboards really take a beating, especially from sun and heat. When it comes to protecting or restoring your vehicle dashboard, the custom-patterned Crafted2Fit® DashMat from Covercraft offers the perfect solution. DashMat products have been protecting dashboards since 1979. Each color fast, heat-resistant, non-shrink, DashMat is made to last and has been custom cut for a factory finish. They are easy to install, easy to clean, and can be personalized with one of numerous available logos or a personal monogram. The full line of DashMat products includes the original DashMat, VelourMat™, SuedeMat™, UltiMat® and Ltd. Edition® DashMat. (Read more)
Pauls Valley, OK — May 26, 2015 - When it comes to protecting a new, restored or custom-built vehicle, selecting the right vehicle cover is vital to protect it from UV damage, dust, dirt, moisture, condensation and other common threats. Covercraft offers more than 80,000 Crafted2Fit® patterns made right here in the U.S.A. Choose from multi-layer Kimberly-Clark® non-woven fabrics made in the U.S.A. including the most popular non-woven fabrics, Evolution® and NOAH® - known for their superior outdoor protection - while Dustop® fabric offers breathable, soft-touch indoor protection. Several high-performance woven outdoor fabrics are also made in the U.S.A. including the popular Sunbrella® and Ultra’tect®. (Read more)
Pauls Valley, OK — June 24, 2015 - As part of company strategy to support significant growth, Covercraft Industries, LLC (Covercraft) announced today a recapitalization agreement with Century Park Capital Partners. Century Park Capital Partners is a Los Angeles-based private equity firm specializing in facilitating owner liquidity and business expansion by supporting management and investing in infrastructure. “Demand for our various product lines has increased dramatically, especially over the last several years, and we want to do everything we can to set Covercraft up for success going into the future,” stated Marty Lichtmann. “Our goal has always been to treat our employees like family, make the best products we can and provide the best solutions to meet customer needs. Century Park Capital Partners will help us continue to do just that.” (Read more)
Pauls Valley, OK — June 23, 2015 - Now with more than 1,200 Crafted2Fit® patterns, Covercraft’s UVS100 Custom Sunscreens are the perfect windshield sun protection, interior heat reduction and privacy-enhancing product for work truck owners. The only product of its kind to earn a U.S. patent, UVS100 Custom Sunscreens are manufactured with triple laminate construction with an outer reflective surface, an insulated foam core center, and a soft felt surface on the back for easy use and care. (Read more)
Pauls Valley, OK — January 20, 2015 - Known for its high quality Crafted2Fit® products, Covercraft offers a custom-patterned selection of more than 225 custom-fit Cargo Area Liners in four popular colors. These tough, easy care Cargo Area Liners are made of urethane polyester fabric that’s stain resistant and waterproof. Specially made to protect both the cargo floor and seat back, they can be installed and removed easily and are secured with tie-downs using the OEM D-rings. (Read more)
Pauls Valley, OK — December 10, 2014 - Known as the manufacturer of the World’s Best Custom Car Covers®, Covercraft Industries, LLC (Covercraft) prepares to celebrate its 50th anniversary. With heartfelt thanks to its customers, dealers, representatives, OEM partners and family of employees, Covercraft extends its warmest wishes to all for a happy, healthy, joyful holiday season and every blessing in the year to come.
Pauls Valley, OK — December 2, 2014 - Covercraft has created a seamless, innovative system for its dealers that links Covercraft product data to the existing online shopping cart at absolutely no cost to the dealer. With CartLink2, customers can easily search and review any of Covercraft’s custom products and then purchase via the shopping cart without leaving the existing website. (Read more)
Pauls Valley, OK — November 24, 2014 - When it comes to protecting the seats in your truck or SUV from fading, dirt, spills, workday grime, pets, kids and weekend adventures, Covercraft delivers with an incredible line of custom fit SeatSaver seat covers. Available in four different fabric options and 15 colors, SeatSavers can take almost anything life can dish out. (Read more)
Las Vegas, NV — November 7, 2014 - There are those who say their old beat up truck is fine with a blue tarp, but those of us with nicer vehicles often want a better way to protect our vehicles from the elements. Tarps don’t cut it when your baby needs to be covered up, and Covercraft has been around for 50 years providing a solution to bad weather, UV rays, industrial fallout, tree sap, and everything else that Mother Nature wants to throw at your vehicle. (Read more)
Pauls Valley, OK — September 30, 2014 - With October comes national Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and Covercraft renews support for its Covers for Causes project. Launched in 2012, the company has created a special line of products to help raise awareness and vital funding for breast cancer research, education, treatment and prevention. Each pink, custom fit Covers for Causes car cover has been manufactured in the U.S.A. using Kimberly-Clark’s unique NOAH® fabric. (Read more)
Pauls Valley, OK — September 19, 2014 - Known as the manufacturer of the World’s Best Custom Car Covers®, Covercraft Industries, Inc. (Covercraft) has been selected as one of 50 aftermarket companies to offer officially licensed 50th anniversary commemorative Ford Mustang products. For a limited time, Covercraft is offering its Crafted2Fit® Mustang car covers and UVS100® Sunscreens with the optional “Mustang 50 Years” logo. Covers can be ordered with either the plain or bordered logo, while the UVS Sunscreens are available with the bordered logo option only. (Read more)
Pauls Valley, OK — August 14, 2014 - After 18 years of exceptional service to the Covercraft team in the Customer Service department, Noemi Gutierrez has been selected as the company’s new Southeast Regional Sales Manager. In her new role, Gutierrez will report directly to national Sales Director, Beth Velarde. (Read more)
Covercraft 50th AnniversaryPauls Valley, OK — July 30, 2014 - Known as the manufacturer of the Worlds Best Custom Car Covers®, Covercraft Industries, LLC (Covercraft) will kick off the celebration of its 50th anniversary at this year’s SEMA Show. Visit booth 23243 in Center Hall to see an impressive display that will include an historic 1965 Ford Mustang. Experience the latest in a complete line of protective products for car, truck and SUV including the limited edition 50th anniversary Ford Mustang products, a full line of indoor and outdoor custom fit automotive covers, Carhartt® Seat Savers™, the original Colgan Custom® car bras, DashMat® dash covers, Premier™ Custom floor mats, cargo area liners, UVS100® Sunscreens and Canine Covers® pet protection products. (Read more)
Pauls Valley, OK — June 14, 2014 - Long time Western Regional Sales Manager, Beth Velarde of Covercraft Industries, LLC (Covercraft) has been selected as the company’s new national Sales Director. In this expanded role, Velarde will continue to serve in her current role while also overseeing product sales in North America across all product categories with the exception of the company’s OE products. She will also oversee the further development of the customer service department. (Read more)
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