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NOTE: The intent of this page is to provide Covercraft resellers a quick and easy way to request literature and point of purchase materials. This being said, please be judicious when placing your order, only request that which is needed and will be utilized. We will make contact upon and verify any request that may seem exorbitant.


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D450 - Special Order Center: Includes product information brochures for all Covercraft programs with space on the back of each brochure for your store information. Let's your customers review the products and then place a special order with you. 14" wide x 10" deep x 17" tall Mini-Cars - small model cars that can be ordered with our most popular cover fabrics. 17" long Miniature seats featuring the best seat protectors on the market! SeatSaver®, SeatSaver® True Timber® CAMO and SeatGloves® - displays are available for each. Includes swatch set of colors available. 12" wide x 17" deep x 21" tall

Fabric swatch sets for both the bra (LeBra / Covercraft / Colgan) programs as well as Premier Floor Mats and Canine Covers™ travel products for vehicle protection.

Counter display for the #1 dash protection program! Features information and fabric swatches for all five versions offered. 22" wide x 13" deep x 14" tall Mini windshield heat shields for both UVS100™ and Flex-Shade™  

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#590 — Covercraft General Line Catalog
"Take-One" Small Consumer Brochures
#892 — Small Covercraft Product Brochure
#725 — Work Truck Products Brochure
Product Sales Sheets
#510 — SeatSaver HD Work Truck
#566 — Custom Pocket Pods
#537 — Seat Heat Kit
#402 — Covers For Causes
#594 — UVS100 (new colors added)
#652 — SeatSaver Carhartt
#711 — Cargo Area Liner
#760 — Sturdee Carband
Price Sheets
#595 — Automotive Jobber Price List
#696 — Ford Jobber Price List
#727 — Work Truck Products Price List
#512 — Covers for Causes Jobber Price List
#657B — SeatSaver Carhartt Jobber Price List
#712 — Cargo Area Liner Jobber Price List
#756 — Sturdee Carband Jobber Price List
Canine Covers Program
#762 — Canine Covers Brochure
#763 — Canine Covers Mini Brochure
#541 — Canine Covers Wholesale Net Pricing
#553 — Canine Covers Retail Pricing
#242 — Canine Covers Fabric Swatch Set
D750 — Canine Covers Special Order Center
Roadie Harness Program
#781 — Roadie Mini Brochure
#612 — Roadie Sales Sheet
#625 — Roadie Wholesale Net Pricing
#670 — Roadie Retail Pricing
Displays / Sales Tools
for Covers
D75 —
D87 — Mini car for PX program
D92 — Mini car Form-Fit program
D94 — Mini car Ultra'tect program
D95 — Mini car WeatherShield HP program
D96 — Mini car Covers For Causes (Pink NP)
D705 — Car Cover Fabric Swatches (on beaded chain)
D709 — Form-Fit Fabric Swatches (on beaded chain)
for Special Orders
D450 — Covercraft Special Order Center
for UVS100 and Flex-Shade Windshield Heat Shields
D154 — UVS Color Swatch Set
D153 — "UV" Mini Version (Pink)
D155 — "UV" Mini Version
D156 — "UR" Mini Version
for SeatSavers & SeatGloves
D241 — SeatSaver Fabric Swatch Set (on beaded chain)
D602 — SeatSaver Mini Seat Display
D240 — True Timber Camo SeatSaver Fabric Swatch Set (on beaded chain)
D604 — True Timber Mini-Seat SeatSaver Display
D243 — SeatSaver HD Work Truck Swatch Set (on beaded chain)
D606 — SeatSaver HD Work Truck Mini Seat Display
D603 — Mini-Seat Seat Glove Display
D248 — Carhartt SeatSaver Swatch Set (on beaded chain)
D608 — Carhartt Mini-Seat SeatSaver Display
for DashMat
D8780 — Dashmat Display
D8733 — DashMat Original Carpet Swatch Set (on beaded chain)
D8813 — DashMat SuedeMat Swatch Set (on beaded chain)
D8833 — DashMat VelourMat Swatch Set (on beaded chain)
D8834 — DashMat Ltd Edition Swatch Set (on beaded chain)
for Premier Floor Mats
D8816 — Floor Mat Swatch Set (on beaded chain)
for LeBra, Covercraft & Colgan Front End Masks & Bras
D244 — Mask / Bra Vinyl Swatch Set (on beaded chain)

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