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Gust Guard Cover Clamps
Gust Guard

Covers should NOT be used in high wind conditions but sometimes you need to leave your vehicle covered for extended periods of time (airport, vacation, etc.) in locations where wind gust could be a problem.

Gust Guard™ helps hold your cover in place and is easy to install.

The kit includes components to make two adjustable security cords that clamp to the hem in front of the front tires and behind the rear tires.

When wind gusts get under the cover the Gust Guard helps reduce the possibility of the front and rear of the cover coming loose.

Patent Pending # 8,235,450

Adjustable Security Cords with Clamps
Helps Hold Car and Light Truck Covers in Place


Gust Guard

Gust Guard
Attach clamp to hem
Gust Guard Adjust tension
Gust Guard Check that clamp is secure
Description Part # Price  
Gust Guard ZGGARD $13
** Plus Shipping